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“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” -Oscar Wilde

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Rococo Boutique

Rococo – refers to an art period and style from the 18th century also known as “Late Baroque,” which originated in Paris. This was a time in history where ornate fabrics mixed with gold gilded furniture and white wigs sometimes standing several feet tall with gowns from the most elaborate fabrics France had to offer. The whimsical and over adorned Rococo period was in reaction to the serious nature of the baroque period and resonated throughout architecture, art, interior design and fashion.

Rococo Boutique, a small, unique and clever downtown art gift boutique, was born on June 2nd, 2012. Here to bring whimsical fun, life, and art back to Knoxville offering a wide variety of unique gifts for anyone in your life… sections include the Eccentric Child, exclusive Jewelry and Accessories from found objects, Upcycled Funky Home Décor, the Graphic Man, and Laugh out Loud Stationary. Known for the uncommon and rarest of ideas spawned from artisans and designers locally and across the seven seas. Rococo is also your neighborhood corner boutique for customizing any artwork necessary. The fun staff can create building tattoos (murals), custom invitations, logos, business cards, signature hand painted signs, vector pet art, and they welcome any creative ideas not on their list. This “Idea Hub” is a place where each artists expression seeps out of every gift and is a privilege to admire.

We ship anywhere in the United States so if you see anything you are interested in please call 865.971.1006.

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